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Mandy's Bio


Mandy Kent,

Childhood Development Therapist

Mandy started her career path 40 years ago, teaching people about their bodies, movement, and wellness. Having lived coast to coast in Canada, she has always worked in the health and wellness field. Mandy has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Kinesiology from McMaster University and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University in New Brunswick. She holds the designation of Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying).


For over a decade, her focus at Growing Brain Connections has been discovering WHY someone is having a tricky time with learning or behaviour. Mandy works with children and adults who face issues ranging from concussion, auditory or visual processing difficulties, attention deficits, sensory processing issues, and challenges with learning and behaviour. Using HeartMath and Interactive Metronome, computer-based biofeedback tools, she is able to help clients enhance their self-regulation and self-confidence. Outdoor sessions in local parks and nature trails have highlighted to her the power of nature to help regulate and calm nervous systems of all ages.


Outside the clinic, being active and strong in her mid-50s is important to Mandy. She is a fitness instructor at Lakeshore Recreation who loves encouraging people to pick up heavy things, work on their posture, and fall in love with foam rolling. She is passionate about promoting the field of Midwifery both as a career and excellent perinatal care. She has called Port Elgin, Ontario, home for 20 years and has loved exploring it with her 5 wonderfully active kids. Newlyweds in 2020, she and her husband enjoy returning to Nova Scotia to eat lobster, dig clams, and visit their East Coast family members.

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